Benefiting the island
A lot of companies and people around the world have been supportive of our Dot TK ambitions. So we say: Faka Fetai (thank you). In order to improve the situation on Tokelau Dot TK supports the Tokelau Internet Project.

Tokelau is a non-self-governing territory under NZ administration, and the bulk of Tokelau's economy is still dependant on the foreign aid from New Zealand. Tokelau is currently growing towards an increasing autonomy. With the help of the New Zealand Government for funding, and the Dot TK project, the island of Tokelau is taking steps into it's chosen direction.

There are more Tokelau people living outside the group of islands than on Tokelau. The educational system and medical expertise have higher standards in countries like New Zealand and Australia than on Tokelau. To improve the quality of the education and medical system, communication with the rest of the world has become a necessity.

Fortunately the Internet can bring a large added value to both the educational and medical needs. Therefore the Tokelau Internet Project Foundation, sponsored by global Fortune 500 companies around the world, has the goal to provide a full duplex 512 kbps Internet satellite link to the group of islands. Only then:

  • in-depth medical information can be retrieved from hospitals in New Zealand and from around the world
  • the educational system on the island can be improved to foreign levels
  • language education will become much easier
  • communication with family members can be much more cost effective
  • In September 2003, the Foundation Tokelau has reached the first step in its goal. It has provided a 384 kbps downstream and 64 kbps upstream Internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Fakaofo.

    Using the existing Earth Station on Fakaofo, which is pointing to an Intelsat satellite, we got it all working. More information about this experience can be read on the Tokelau Voyage pages.

    Installation of the Internet connectivity Atafu and Nukunonu has been completed in 2005. But this is not the end. The lines also needs to be maintained. This is all costing money. Therefore we depend on you. If you are representing a Fortune 500 Company, and if you want to claim your TRADEMARK.TK domain names, please contact us. For more information, check our contact page. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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