Tokelau Magic: All about the islands

All about the islands...
Some Facts
Capital city none
Population 1500
Time 11 hours behind GMT
Land Area 12 sq km (4.7 sq miles)
Number of atolls 3
Languages Spoken Tokelauan, English and Samoan

Benefiting the island
A lot of companies and people around the world have been supportive of our Dot TK ambitions. So we say: Faka Fetai (thank you). In order to improve the situation on Tokelau we will try to list a new project here monthly and inform you on the updates of running projects.

Unnecessary to say, but it is far from where you are. Far away, far from home, unless you live in Tokelau, of course. To get to Tokelau you need a 37 hrs boat trip from Apia, West Samoa. This is the only way to get there. It is approximately the same time you need for four trips between NYC and Amsterdam by plane, or if you prefer a more active form of travelling through Europe like cycling, you could get from Belgium to Spain and back in about the same time.

Tokelau snapshots
Each of the atolls is a ribbon of tiny motu (islands) surrounding a lagoon. The atolls of Tokelau have been populated by Polynesians for about 1000 years, and traditional tales link the original settlers with Samoa, the Cook Islands and Tuvalu. There are approximately 500 people on each of Tokelau's three atolls. Well, there is a lot to tell, but what would you like to know? We will guide you around with some photographs and that's about it.

Tokelau Voyage
It's Monday and we are leaving Nukunonu. Nukunonu is one of atolls of Tokelau*. Our next destination is Fakaofo. We are 'just' 30 hours by plane and 40 hours by boat from the civilized world in Amsterdam. Our mission: to install a high speed Internet connection on Fakaofo.

>Benefiting the island
>Tokelau snapshots
>Tokelau Voyage